Electronic Intelligent Systems Group was formed in 2006 Faculty of Electronics Department. Currently, the group consists of 1 professor, 5 PhDs, 4 PhD students and 2 master students.


"Play evolution" - everywhere discover novelty, to understand its nature, to evaluate the benefits, to change ourselfes while learning or to change it in practice, repeate ewerything all over again.


Become Intelligent systems design and application center.


  1. To do research work in the field of electronic intelligent systems and to discover new numerical intelligence scopes and methods.
  2. To gather new knowledge, tools, and literature for research areas.
  3. Become an active European research and innovation area participant.

Our values

  1. We do not stop at halfway.
  2. We create and discover new things.
  3. We understand and that we care.
  4. We respect and are helping colleagues.
  5. We love what and how we do.